Sutton Tag-a-Long


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Sutton Tag-a-longs

Our Tag-a-longs are a modern take on your classic pacifier clip and the perfect finishing touch for any child.

Sutton is one of our most popular options available to parents due to its - not too big and not too small - size.

Aside from doubling as a teether, Sutton helps to keep items convenient, clean, and within baby’s reach.

Never fear losing another pacifier or lovey blanket to a dirty floor again. You simply can’t go wrong with this everyday baby must-have!

Tag-a-longs come in a variety of trendy colors making them the quintessential addition to any outfit.

If you can loop it, bring your Tag-a-long!

SIL BABY & CO. was created by two moms (and sisters-in-law) Kristen & Jess, who together have 6 kids, who wanted to offer a sweet variety of finishing touches for any outfit!