Bebe Au Lait

Our Story

Claire and Ronnie Ekelund, founders of Bebe au Lait, with family

We are Ronnie and Claire Ekelund, and we welcome you to the Bebe au Lait family!

Bebe au Lait was founded in 2004, when products available for mom and baby weren’t as well-designed, as high quality or as safe as we thought they should be.

We began with inventing and patenting the first stylish and functional nursing cover that allows mom to bond with baby while breastfeeding, wherever she happens to be. More than 14 years later we continue to design products that fit seamlessly into the lives of the on-the-go modern family, supporting them as they go. We create products that stand the test of time because they are well made and well designed.


Ronnie and Claire Ekelund moved from Europe to the United States in 2000. Ronnie, a professional soccer player with a 19-year career, had just signed a contract with the San Jose Earthquakes. Together with their 6-month-old daughter, they settled in Los Gatos, California.