Alien Sloth Bundle with Costume Hardcover


Slumberkins Inc.

Alien Sloth may glow in the dark, but his “scary confidence” comes from within! In “The Costume Comeback at the Monster Ball,” Sloth learns that costumes can be easy to compare, but that confidence is about who we are—not what we wear! This Halloween, help your child lean into confidence, authenticity and self-reflection, knowing it’s both safe and brave for them to be their unique selves and to take pride in their choice of costume.

About Slumberkins

We are a leading children’s educational brand on a mission to promote early emotional learning. As a family therapist and an educator, we saw a need for an intentional children’s brand that reinforces a positive attachment between children and their caregivers. Our stories use research-based techniques to teach little ones important social-emotional skills. Through pro-active and supportive narratives, each collection is intentionally crafted to build resilient, caring, and confident children.