Boobie Body

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Boobie Body is now available in a box that fits perfectly in your pantry or on your desk at work. Just shake/blend and go! One box contains 10 single-serve packets to take on the go, throw in your gym bag, diaper bag, or purse.  

Our Superfood for Supermoms™ shakes makes achieving your goals easier in every stage of motherhood. Made just for you, the real-life superhero.

Powered by 9 Organic Superfoods.

Pea Protein, Moringa, Turmeric, Shatavari, Chia, Flax, Cinnamon, Maca, Sacha Inchi.

Complete Meal Replacement Shake.

19g plant-based protein, 1 net carbs/0 Sugar, 1000 IUs Vitamin D, Prebiotics + Custom 11-Strain Probiotic Blend, Includes all Essential Amino Acids.

Cleanest Protein For Raising a Family.

Our proprietary combination of pea, sacha inchi, flax, and chia proteins is safer for moms compared to rice protein. Mom's all-in-one protein shake. Can be used as a pregnancy protein shake, milk-boosting lactation shake, and pre/post workout.