Casual Tie Dye Low Tops


Little Love Bug Co. 

 My children’s moccasin low top shoes were made for the trendiest of little bugs while allowing their feet to build strength for their every day of play.  The best part about Little Love Bug Co. footwear is that each pair of shoes offers zero drop, wide toe boxes, and flexible soles so your little's foot can move and grow the way nature intended; as close to barefoot as possible. 

Whether you're searching out the perfect shoe for your baby/toddler's first steps or your growing kiddo

- Rest assured you're in the right place. Just be warned... This is very much a shoe where you will hear : "I do self!"

Features * Kids love them

- Easy on and off, but stay on

* 100% genuine leather

* Super flexible, light, and durable; perfect for outdoor play while allowing for proper foot development

* Fashionable, functional shoes made specifically for babies, toddlers, and active growing love bugs.