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Handprint Keepsake Kit


Messy Play Kit

The perfect way to create your own handprint ornament or keepsake. Mix in water, roll it out, press baby's hand in, and bake on a low temperature. That's it! This kit also comes with BOTH pink and blue coloring, so you can choose to make colored dough or keep it plain white. Other decorating ideas available at

This activity is baby-safe, and contains non-toxic, washable materials. It does contain flour/wheat. There’s enough material to make two small handprints or a hand and footprint. 

Children learn best when they actively engage with their environment and use all their senses. Young children are in a very concrete stage of development- they need to SEE and FEEL their world in order to understand it. By engaging in sensory play combined with skilled adult partners, they learn about a variety of textures, materials, and properties in the concrete manner they understand best.