Mi Visita al Doctor: My Dr. Visit Bilingual Edition (TP)



Cara and Jon Florance use whimsical artwork and humorous text to ease doctor visit fears and introduce scientific topics, perfect for enlightening the next generation of geniuses. Now available in Spanish! 32-page board book. In this bilingual edition of My Doctor's Visit, Cara and Jon Florance turn difficult biochemistry topics into readable adventures for kids of all ages through Baby Biochemist and the Baby Medical School books. Ever wonder what a stethoscope does, or what a doctor is searching for when they look in your ear? Take the fear out of visiting a doctor. By breaking down what and why a doctor does what he or she does, this adorable and informative board book makes even the most squeamish of kids into science super fans and makes any trip to the doctor's office into a fun learning experience kids will look forward to.

Made in United States

8" l x 8" w x 0.6" h