Original Brown Suede Moccasin


Little Love Bug Co.

100% Genuine Leather Suede Moccasins Weatherproof Soft Sole - Super light and flexible Kid moccasins for boys or girls

Stylish, practical shoes for sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Little fuss with no lace, Velcro, or buckles Soft sole of a moccasin, but with an anti-slip sole to prevent slips, falls, and tumbles

*Please note this is NOT a snuggly aka there is not fuzzy lining

My Original children's moccasins were the start of Little Love Bug Company's moccs with non-slip soles.

They're simple, sweet, unisex and perfect for the newest walker to the more practiced toddler.

There's a little less fringe and a few more clean lines than a classic moccasin.

The Originals feature a nonslip, soft, flexible weatherproof sole.

Perfect during a baby’s first steps when they need the softness of the sole to help their foot development, as well as when they're starting to climb, walk, or run – Yes even outside!