Set Of 4 Doll Figures - Otter Family


Calico Critters and Super Mario Games

Calico critters miniature dollhouses, playsets and figures are timeless and classic high-quality toys. Mother, amanda is always smiling and loves to give compliments, which leaves the recipient in a lovely mood. She's a strong swimmer and has excellent reflexes. She always looks forward to putting the babies in their slings and going out with her husband. Father, glenn loves going out with his family. He also hums with satisfaction when he washes the clothes and they come out sparkling clean. Glenn can get carried away a little bit, and sometimes amanda has to keep him in line. Baby brother, jack is a daddy's boy who loves being cuddled. He enjoys watching the light sparkle on the surface of the lake. He's so used to being carried by his father that he sometimes feels silly when his mother carries him. Baby sister, nicola loves to watch fish swimming, which is why her mother made her a baby sling with fish on it. She's a mama's girl.