The Lamb's Gift

Brand: Aiko Books

Aiko Books

Aiko Books are available in English or Spanish.

Friendships come in all forms, shapes and colors. In this story, it comes in the form of a little girl and a very special lamb that is dyed an array of colors throughout their journey. This sweet and endearing tale, shares their friendship and the struggle to trust in the unknown. Has your child ever owned a special blanket, pacifier or toy of which she/he had a hard time letting go? This story reminds us that sometimes holding on, is holding back. 

Aiko books are carefully crafted, beginning with a value, not a character or a place, but a value. We aim to engage the child mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to encourage growth. Each book teaches a new value and brings about an opportunity to create memories with your child and introduce prayer. Our mission is to make every child feel like an Aiko kid, which is defined as, “God's little loved one.” We should all know we are loved by family, books, and God. It is as simple as reading an Aiko book to know you too are an Aiko kid.